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Ames Stake Young Women Night
Ames Youth Girls Camp
Ames Youth Handcart Reenactment
Iowa Mormons Share Goodness
Angel Moroni on Temple
Jeffrey Cambell
Celebrating Religious Freedom
Serving with the Red Cross
Red Cross Smoke Alarm Project
Red Cross Service Project
Youth serving Red Cross
Ames Youth Craft
Red Cross Service Project
Red Cross Service Project
LDS and Catholic Leaders On the Dome
Jared Danielson
Serving with Red Cross
Nevada fire truck
Mormon Helping Hands
Nevada Fire Group photo
Nevada Fire Alarm door
Mormons Support Religious Freedom
Dr. Jeffrey Campbell at Capitol
Ames Youth
Iowa Religious Freedom Day
Installing Smoke Alarms
Serving with Red Cross

Ames Stake

Congregations of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints are organized into specific geographic areas called "stakes" (a Biblical reference to what strengthens the tent of Zion; see Isaiah 54:2 KJV).  The Ames Stake was created on 21 May 1995. 


The Ames Stake comprises nine different congregations, with two of them centered in Ames. The others serve members living in or near Ft. Dodge, Hampton, Boone, Carroll, Story City, Marshalltown, and Mason City.  While many members are native to Iowa, others have moved to Iowa over the years to add to the diversity and richness of Iowa's culture.  Mormons living in the Ames Stake come from some 40 different countries. 

Since Ames is also home to Iowa State University, many well-known national figures have worked, taught, or studied in Ames. One prominent Mormon to have done so was Ezra Taft Benson (MA, 1927), who served in the Eisenhower Administration as the Secretary of Agriculture  in the 1950s and was later the president of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (1985-1994).

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Approximate Members in Stake


square miles covered by Ames Stake (slightly larger than Belgium)




Different Languages Spoken 

by Members


Members Serving Full-time Missions Outside Iowa


Years Ames has been home to a Mormon congregation (1927-2017)

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