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Discover Richardson's Point

Historic Marker On Mormon Trail

Listed on the US National Park Service Historic Trail System, Richardson's Point is the site of an early encampment for the Mormon Pioneers expelled from Nauvoo, IL, in the winter of 1846. The pioneers stayed here only because they were stuck in the mud, but it gave them time to better organize before heading West. Located on private land, Richardson's Point holds the first two Iowa graves in the Mormon Exodus. Visitors are welcome to take the short walk in the woods to find the graves in a peaceful grove. The owners (Klodt Family) have cleared out trees and built benches for visitors, who may come free of charge at any time. Parking is available near the trailhead. Information about the site is available near the gravestones.

While the original graves had been dedicated by Brigham Young in 1846, the grove established by the Klodt family was dedicated in 2014 by members of the local LDS congregations. Speakers included Brad Klodt, owner, and Susan Easton Durrant, noted Mormon historian.

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