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Thinning Carrots, Doing Good

For the second year, young women from the Cedar Rapids stake enjoyed an afternoon of service at the Iowa Gardening For Good farm near Madrid, IA. The farm uses volunteer labor to produce tens of thousands of pounds of fresh food for the Food Bank of Iowa, meaning needy people have access to healthier food.

This year, the LDS teens weeded and replanted pepper plants and thinned rows and rows of carrots. The carrots had become rather overgrown with weeds, and so the process was definitely labor intensive and very appreciated by the farm owners. During breaks, the girls enjoyed holding the farm bunnies.

"It was so fun to do real work helping real people, knowing we might make a difference. I definitely want to go back next year," said Heather Van Roosendaal of Cedar Falls.

Youth leaders were very grateful to the farm owners for changing their schedule to fit the girls' camp schedule and allow for the service opportunity to happen. "The farm is so well-run, so accommodating, and such a great place for the young women to serve," confirmed Heather's mom, Emily. The service experience was on the first day of camp (June 24), which featured other chances for learning, spiritual growth and fun.

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