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  • Angela Davies

100 Dresses

March can be a wonderful time of year, especially for women in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. March is when they celebrate the origins of their global organization known as Relief Society. The small group of Relief Society "sisters" in Fairfield, IA, wanted to celebrate the 2018 anniversary by collecting 100 dresses to be donated to a nearby women's shelter that helps women get back on their feet. They based their goal on the children's story The Hundred Dresses by Eleanor Estes.

Considering the small number of women in the Fairfield congregation, the goal of 100 dresses was daunting. So they reached out for help from neighbors and friends in their community and in their sister congregation in Ottumwa. With their help, the Fairfield sisters were able to surpass their goal. In fact, they filled a large van with clothing and accessories for women shelters in the area. The van was so full on the first run that they had to make a second trip with the van half full again! When they reached out for help, they also received great ideas on just what to gather for the shelters. Make-up was one idea, something these women hadn't thought of at first. But then, they remarked that all women feel better about themselves when they have nice clothing and some make-up on. They are hoping the recipients in the shelters will be able to add these donations to other aid they receive and find a new and more confident start.

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