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Mormon Missionaries from Central Iowa

Inez Knight

The first public discourse preached by female Mormon missionaries was in England in 1898. Historian Orson F. Whitney reported what happened when Inez Knight and Jennie Brimhall addressed an audience curious about what real Mormon women were like: "The hall was crowded, and their remarks were listened to with rapt attention. The novel spectacle of two young and innocent girls--whose appearance alone betokened modesty and virtue, as their utterances showed intelligence and sincerity--declaring in words of soberness that Mormonism was divine, that it had made them what they were, and had sent them forth to bear witness of its truth, was a revelation to many" (History of Utah, 4 vols. Salt Lake City: Geo. Q. Cannon & Sons, 1904, 4:614).

For the past 120 years, thousands of young Mormon women have served as missionaries around the world. In their honor, we gathered some thoughts from today's Mormon women serving from Central Iowa. Read what these real Mormon missionaries are like.

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