• Susan Sims

Day of Service in Fort Madison, Iowa

Rain can bring many well-planned outdoor service projects to a screeching halt. But for the 150 or so volunteers from southern Iowa, western Illinois, and northern Missouri, an hour of steady rain just required some adjustments and patience. Otherwise, a dozen projects received much needed and appreciated attention from enthusiastic families hoping to go "about doing good" as the Savior did. From painting marina railings and roadway posts or gazebos, to cleaning at a pet shelter, to clearing a garden at Old Fort Madison and much more, participants enjoyed the chance to give back to a local community and have some fun along the way. At the end, the Nauvoo Performing missionaries joined in to provide some brief entertainment. Project organizers were thankful for the assistance provided by the City of Fort Madison in identifying projects and providing paint and other supplies to make the work possible.



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