• Molly Cook

Interfaith Appreciation

I had the amazing opportunity to attend an Interfaith Leadership Camp at Drake University. This camp not only opened my eyes to other religions in Iowa, but it also helped me to understand how we relate to them in unexpected ways. We talked a little about our own faith, had pretty fun activities, and created digital stories to share. My favorite part by far was visiting the different religious sites including the Sikh, Muslim, Jewish, Buddhist, Hindu, and Greek Orthodox communities. It really gave me the opportunity to jump right in and experience first hand about each religion. What I learned the most at this camp was how we connect and relate to other religions--like how the Sikh wear a certain bracelet to help them remember to make good choices and not sin, kind of like Mormon youth might wear CTR rings (Choose The Right). There were so many interesting connections that I would never have thought about without this camp. Participating in this camp helped strengthen my own testimony and I couldn’t be more grateful for this experience.

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